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How to Increase Your Business Profits - Even in These Difficult Times

The economy is tough and your customers are thinking twice about the money they are spending. This will no doubt be affecting you and your business.

So you need to be offering a ‘must have’ product or service that is producing results for your customers.

I was in this position 17 years ago when I started my consultancy in 1991. There was a recession and I was ‘the new kid on the block’ in consultancy. I was offering to help businesses get finance. Apart from the fact that there were hundreds of organisations doing this, most of the businesses I went to see had no security; they were the difficult cases. So I learnt how to get unsecured finance and used this as my lead product. Very few other people were doing this so everybody wanted to talk to me.

I had established my unique selling proposition which got me in the door. Then the client was happy to talk to me about lots of other needs they had which I could help them with.

You too can do this for your business. You just need to develop your unique selling proposition and target your market. You can still offer all the other products and services, you just lead with your USP and build your brand and all your promotion around it.

This is how the multinationals build their markets.

Think about the makers of Head & Shoulders. Their promotions led with

– "Healthy, beautiful, dandruff free hair."

If you’ve ever been to the shampoo aisle at the supermarket, you’ve seen there are literally hundreds of shampoos to choose from. So when Head & Shoulders came out, nobody would have noticed, right?

Wrong. Everybody noticed because Head & Shoulders targets people with dry, flaky scalps. People with dandruff. And this made all the difference to their campaign.

Without its dandruff fighting power, Head & Shoulders would just be another shampoo.

Can you see the power in selecting a target audience; a niche?

These companies spend tens of thousands of pounds with agencies developing a USP but it is a process and you can do it yourself. Just go to and see how you can do this for yourself and save thousands of pounds. You will then be able to leave your competition behind and watch your profits increase every month.

Geoff Jackson


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