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Affiliate Tools

Below you will find a number of tools to help you get started in promoting Target Your Market - Boost Your Profits.



Graphics and Banners

Here are some graphics you can use on your website:


Develop Your USP


Develop Your USP


Develop Your USP


Develop Your USP


and some animated banners:


Develop Your USP


Develop Your USP


Develop Your USP Develop Your USP






Articles / Blog Posts

Here are a number of articles that you can cut and paste and use on your website, as a blog post or in your newsletter. You can also change the articles slightly to make them unique and then submit them to article directories such as  Just ensure that you always use your affiliate link at the bottom of the article:

Boost your Profits with Niche Marketing

How to Increase Your Business Profits - Even in These Difficult Times

Niche Marketing for Your Business

Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition


Product Reviews

Click HERE to find reviews of Target Your Market - Boost Your Profits that you can use on your website, blog etc. Feel free to either use a review exactly as it is, mix and match parts from different reviews, or use them as the basis to write your own review.


Twitter Tweets / Text Ads

If you are a Twitter user, here are some tweets that you can send out. Just make sure you add your affiliate link at the end of your Tweet. These can also be used at text ads on your website or blog.

1. How to increase your profits despite the recession.
2. Learn the secret to finding new business markets - even in a recession.
3. How to create the perfect Unique Selling Proposition.
4. How to succeed at improving your sales
5. Finding new markets during the recession and increase your profits
6. The best book for Business success at this time of recession
7. How to get great profits - even in the recession.
8. How to enjoy marketing your business despite the weak market.
9. How to fight the depression brought by a loss making business.
10. How to easily become the best supplier and get that order.
11. Surviving the competition - How to make the order yours.
12. How to dramatically improve your chances of higher profits
13. The easy way to get the order - even during the recession
14. The secret to higher profits even during the recession
15. How to win your customer's attention and get that order
16. The secret to making a good impression with your marketing
17. How to be a competitive business and get that order
18. How to get lots of orders despite the recession
19. Get the best tool kit for marketing and get more orders now
20. How to get a stable and growing customer base even during this time of recession



If you'd like an Excel Spreadsheet with USP related search terms to use in your Adwords or PPC Campaigns or to use as a basis for your own articles or blog posts etc, right-click HERE and save the file to your computer. If you prefer the keywords as a text file, click HERE

If you'd like to research your own keywords, here is a link to the Google Keyword Tool.



We will be adding new tools, articles, blog posts etc, here on a regular basis. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can return to find the new tools.

We assure you we'll be doing everything we can to help you earn more commission!

Good luck with your promotions of Target Your Market - Boost Your Profits.

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